The San Damiano Mission

Breaking Bread and Barriers

Get Involved

Being a new mission site, San Damiano Mission is in need of regular volunteers to help us with many aspects of forming a new faith community.  We want to include the gifts and talents of everyone in our community, regardless of age or skill set.  Here are some of the places we need volunteers:


DO you have a knack for gardening? Perhaps you love to pick-up leafs and branches in the fall, but in the concert jungle of NYC you don’t have a place to it?  Well we always need help to maintain the property at the Mission.  From tending flower beds, to sweeping the sidewalks there is always something to do; it is not glamorous, but its not horrible way to spend sunny day.


Perhaps you can sing, play an instrument, or both at the same time? The Mission is ALWAYS looking for new musicians to join our ranks and help us to expand the music programing at the mission.  From Liturgical music, to concerts, and sound baths, we value all kinds of music, and want to form a diverse musical program.  As our Organ, Opus 21, is almost finished we are looking for men and women to form a choir,  incidentally we are also looking for an organist who can man the controls & pedals of Opus 21, and make a joyful sound.


How would you like to be the first face people see when they come to the mission for the events? Since hospitality is the backbone of our ministry, we need friendly out-going people to serve on our hospitality committee! This committee is responsible for welcoming people at out events, and curates all of our fellowships; after makes, and concerts.


In order for us to have a full and joyful celebration of the Eucharist there are various roles that we need help with.  Perhaps you would consider serving your brothers and sisters in one of these roles: Lectors, proclaim the readings during mass and other services, Ministers of Communion, assist the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion, and Acolytes, assist the priest during the Mass.   In addition to these roles we need people to take up the collection, and bring forward the gifts of bread and wine.

Music ministry is paramount, and we are in need of any gifted people who can use their voices and other musical talents to help create beautiful music for the liturgy. We invite you to consider involving yourself in any or all of these ministries. If you’re interested in creating one, just let one of the friars know.