The San Damiano Mission

Breaking Bread and Barriers


Preparing a wedding in the Roman Catholic Rite is a process that can take about 6 months and in some cases little longer.  In addition to all the external “stuff” a bride and groom have to do, there is period of spiritual preparation for marriage as well.  This period of spiritual preparation is designed to help the couple be as ready as possible to deal with the new stresses of married life, from a solid foundation rooted in faith.

“What if I was married before?”

In some cases people seeking to get married in Church have been married before or in the eyes of the church are still married.  Not to worry, the friars will compassionately and non-judgmentally walk you through the process, and help prepare you and your fiancé for that joyous day.

“What if I am a Catholic and I want to marry a non-Catholic or a non-Christian?”

While this may sound like a weird question, it is one that the friars have encountered many times before.  Each wedding and marriage are different, no two are alike, because of this the friars will discuss with you your particular situation.  You can be assured of our help and support as you navigate a marriage that spans 2 different faith backgrounds.  Fr. Nicholas has experience is walking with couples that will be living the Catholic and Jewish faiths in their homes.

If you would like to explore marriage at the San Damiano Mission, please see one of the friars at least 6 months prior to your chosen date.