The San Damiano Mission

Breaking Bread and Barriers


Everybody has a story about confession……everybody.

Whether you celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation yearly, monthly, weekly or once every 25 years, there is no need to be afraid.  This is the sacrament in which we celebrate the never ending love that God has for all his children.  In this one-on-one ritual, you encounter God’s love and forgiveness for sin.  We do not have to wait for particular day, season or year, this sacrament is available to us any time we are in need of it.  Reconciliation is a sacrament that restores our relationship with God, and our relationship with our brothers and sisters.

When you come to the sacrament at the San Damiano Mission, be assured that you will celebrate this sacrament with a friar who will be compassionate, nonjudgmental, and understanding.   There is nothing that we do in our human frailty that can separate us from the love of God!!!!!!

The friars of our Order have a long history of being wonderfully insightful and caring confessors.  To this day our order serves as the official confessors at St. Peter’s basilica, Rome, Italy, and many other popular sites of pilgrimage for the people of God.

Here are some things that the friars are usually asked about the sacrament:

“I haven’t been to confession since I made my first Communion…….What do I do?”

Coming back to Reconciliation for the first time after a “hiatus”, can be like going back to the gym; maybe you need a little nudge in the right direction.  Our Friars will guide through the process, and help you experience the compassionate face of God.

“Do I have to go in the little box?”

No.  At the San Damiano Mission our confessional “box” was modified into a restroom in the church, so there is no box involved.  We use our baptistry off the main body of the church as a private space for this sacrament to be celebrated.  If you prefer confessions can also be heard, in the sacristy, the courtyard, or walking down the street with one of our friar-priests.

“Is Father going to judge me afterward?”

A big concern that a number of people have is whether the priest is going to judge them afterward.  No. Priests hear so many confessions that they do not usually remember what people confess.  This is because the priest serves sacramentally as the ear God, he hears, listens, but does not retain what is said.

“Can the priest tell people what I said?”

No!  Under no circumstances can a priest reveal what he has heard in the sacrament of reconciliation.  None. Never.

“I am not that bad of a person, should I go?”

All of us are in need of God’s love and forgiveness.  There is no human alive who is with out fault or sin; therefore everyone is in need of reconciliation.

Since we are a small faith community, we encourage people to schedule an appointment to see one of our friar-priests anytime.  Periodically through out the year we offer days where we have confessors on hand in various languages.  Our next scheduled opportunity for Reconciliation will be during our St Faustian Novena in November.  During that three day event we will confessors available in English, Spanish, Polish, German, and Italian. please watch our events section for updates.